MOWUKIS and Renata Gasiorowska collaborated on a new video called "With Your Eyes Closed", you can watch it online now.

When the collaboration was first discussed, MOWUKIS had a lot of songs and projects going around, and we decided to let Renata choose whichever track she was feeling like working on. We settled on “With Your Eyes Closed”, and she took the whole thing further into her own imaginary world than we could ever have imagined. The new visual landscape that the creativity of Renata brought to the track with her visual is a an amazing driving force for the song to take flight.

For those interested in Renata Gasioroswka’s other work, you can see more of what she creates on her vimeo .

To match the times, MOWUKIS decided to make the song available as a free download on his Bandcamp, we can only urge you to go check it out on his bandcamp