Was this part of what you believed ?
5 tracks EP (vinyl) by mowukis
Mecaleo VR
VR serious Game Soundtrack, Adaptative music & Sound design
Héraklès en Ballade
Adaptative music for an augmented reality interactive documentary
Les Vérités
animated series for children with hearing loss, original soundtrack
Être Amérindien Aujourd'hui
documentary series original soundtrack
A secret of the steppe
Short animated prevention film original soundtrack
Les Fées Spéciales Aux Césars
sonic identity for an animation showreel
Wild People
short animated film original soundtrack
A Quick Stab In The Heart
Single track release by MOWUKIS
Burn The Whole House Down
Single track release by MOWUKIS
Minimoon Session
video recorded 5 tracks live sessions at minimoon studio
Single track release by Lester J. Marcus
No Answers No
11 tracks LP (CD digipack) by MOWUKIS
Animals Used To Scare
short animated movie, original soundtrack
Jeux Sapatic
sonic identity for the european tournament "Jeux Sapatic"
Yess Academie
sonic identity for a french company with a focus on social equity
Carcenflixo / Cyrcunflox
2 x 10 minutes tracks EP by Lester J. Marcus
With Your Eyes Closed
short animated film original soundtrack
Rhythm videogame soundtrack