1. Flows
2. Crowds
3. Drops


Released October 11, 2023

MOWUKIS is a solo project by Louis-Louise Kay.

All songs written, composed, performed by Louis-Louise Kay (except track 1 written and composed by Louis-Louise Kay & Angèle Towt)

Mixed and Produced by Louis-Louise Kay

Recorded and Mastered at [partial:order] / France

MARE NOSTRUM Records all rights reserved


These songs were all specifically written for the game “Soundodger 2” by Michael Molinari, where you play as a simple dot and have to “dodge sounds” visualized on screen as all sorts of bullet patterns, by finding the right choreography to finish the level without getting hit.

Making those tracks was an interesting challenge. I’d already worked on the first game this sequel is based on, which made me more aware of how the game functionned, and I wanted to create pieces that gave the community of creators enough margin to work with and be inventive with their gamedesign.

I wanted the songs to have mood swings, elements of noise and mixing contrast that could playfully break the patterns in unexpected ways, ebbs and flows so that there’d be enough time to gradually amplify or decrease the difficulty of certain sections. All of this while simultaneously just writing music that I connect to, as I’ve always appreciated the balance and friction between the playfulness of the game, and the fact that the song itself remains genuine and heartfelt.

At times it felt like the abstractions provided by the game’s visuals collided with the songs to create some other form of unexpected meaning. This back and forth between the game’s vocabulary and my own gave life to a surprisingly cohesive set of tracks. I’m glad that they now get to coexist in a space of their own.