Les Fées Spéciales
    Production: Archives du Gard
    Direction: Léa Cluzel
    Edition: MARE NOSTRUM Records
    Graphic autor: Léa Cluzel, Marie Saby
    Music Creation: MARE NOSTRUM Records

The project

The animation studio “Les Fées Spéciales” recieved in 2021 its second reward at the prestigious “Césars” for “best animated movie” with the feature film “Josep” (after winning the prize in 2018 for Michel Ocelot’s “Dilili à Paris”). Following this incredible achievement they presented more of their upcoming work and groundbreaking new projects at the Anncey Festival and we decided to create a new sonic identity to illustrate their work for the occasion.

Musical approach

With that in mind, we had to come up with something that captured both the warmth and analog quality of their work, while exploring more exotic electronic experimentation to expand the scope of what’s possible when both worlds collide.