Goetia 2

stills from game

    Production: MOEITY Game Studio
    Direction: Thibaut
    Narrative Designer: Lucie
    Programming: Antonio
    Sound: MARE NOSTRUM Records

Daphné & Luca just landed in their appartment when they are suddenly pulled apart. Awaken as a pure spirit, Luca will need to find his way out of a new demon’ scheme, keep his sanity in a twisted Venice, and get back to his body – and his life. All this with a sweet whisperer on his shoulder – a demon with his own motives.

Goetia series has something in common: in this point-and-click adventure, you act as a pure (kind of) living soul. And what happens when you do not have pockets? No inventory.

Rack your brains and keep an open mind: everything can help, from the notes to the decor. Above all, your actions in some rooms may have consequences elsewhere. And there’s a lot of “elsewheres” in Venice – especially when it’s the demons’ version of it. And as it’s Goetia, there’s a lot of rooms too.