Fabre and the City
Soundtrack and sound design for the "Fabre and the City 2" application, for the 800 anniversary of the Faculty of Medecine in Montpellier.

Production : Musée Fabre, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole ; Supervision historique : Florence Hudowicz et Anne Le Cabec ; Developped by : Atlantide ; Scenario : Manoir du crime ; Direction : Eric Serre ; Graphic autor : Léa Cluzel ; Music Creation : MARE NOSTRUM Records.

The project

The "Musée Fabre" in Montpellier celebrates in 2020 the 800 years anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine, by curating an entire exhibition to educate and share on the various treaties dedicated to anatomy and academic studies of the human bodies through both artful and scientific representations. From iconic masculine naked bodies painted by François-Xavier Fabre or more specific studies by Jean-Antoine Houdon, they will showcase the importance of art in relation to medicine.

As a part of that celebration, Fabre Museum initiated the creation of an app made of multiple little animated videos, aimed at helping people discover the 8 centuries of intertwined stories between Medicine and Montpellier, through a geolocalized journey showcasing the various locations and historic figures behind the city's identity.