Minimoon Session
video recorded 5 tracks live sessions at minimoon studio


1. Ideally (Live) 07:21 video
2. Nowhere To Be Found (Live) 06:02 video
3. Tides (Live) 06:45 video
4. When Violence (Live) 07:25 video
5. Kindness (Live) 07:43 video

"Minimoon Session" is a live video podcast of MOWUKIS performing 5 songs from the album "No Answers No" recorded at minimoon studio.

released January 1, 2017

MOWUKIS is a solo project by Louis-Louise Kay.

This live performance has been shot and recorded by Monika Trzcinska and Jeff Hernandez, with the kind help of Angèle Towt.

Cover photo by TheOneWasTwo.
all rights reserved