We've talked at length about how much we enjoyed working with Titouan before, so it's with very little surprise that we've decided to collaborate with him again.

"A Scientist alone in a desert area to study 'Wild People'"

It's with those words that Titouan Chose to present his brand new work, an aimless "scientific" wander through an alien planet, where the elusive meaning of what they aliens do only seems to echo the equally hollow and aimless nature of the scientist's way of trying to figure out his new ecosystem.
As usual with Titouan, it's all hand drawn, unique, and the final resulting work is both delightful and gently challenging, and we can't urge you enough to go watch it right now.

Titouan is also working actively on a new feature film to be released last year, and you can check more of his current work and see a lot of his experimentations on his website.