For the last few months, we’ve been working on a short animated video based on the track “Animals Used To Scare” from the album “No Answers No”, with french animator / director Titouan Bordeau. I’ve been in love with his work for quite some time and we were very excited to see where our collaboration would lead him creatively.

Although we did have a few conversations about what we felt was or was not the meaning of the lyrics, the video is a free interpretation of the song, and it tells its own tale. Needless to say, the result is beautiful, strange and dreamlike, and it somehow captures a whole side of my work we weren’t aware existed before seeing it moving in front of me. I’m not too keen on describing with words a creation that’s meant to be graphic and open to interpretation so I’ll just post the video and let you dive into the world Titouan created for the occasion.

Titouan Bordeau has also been actively working on an animated series / video game projects and other films and you can (and should) check them out on his website or his vimeo account, it’s worth it!

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