MOWUKIS shares a first video of a podcast session recorded in studio to showcase a song from his upcoming album "No Answers No".

Now that “No Answers No” is annouced and set to be released, it’s time to also unveil some of the stuff we've been preparing with MOWUKIS to acompany the his first release.

During the recording sessions, MOUWKIS kept wondering how he could bring these complex productions to a live stage, and it became pretty clear after a while that it’d be interesting to showcase a more “performance oriented” approach of the tracks, and how it changes the feeling they convey. Some of the instruments on “No Answers No” have been recorded at Minimoon Studio, and it felt very natural to come back there to reinterpret the tracks and film the whole thing for you to see. So we set up a live stage and MOWUKIS brought his live setup in the studio, plugged everything in, and with the kind help of Monika Trzcinska for the video and Jeff Hernandez for the sound, we came up with this.

“Ideally” is the first track we're releasing as part of what we decided to call the “minimoon session”, more content issued from the session will come later, but we hope it’ll be a nice way to introduce this very particular side of his work.