We recently decided to support Resonate and put our music, past and future, available to stream there. We've made the conscious choice not to make our catalogue available on any major streaming website, as we're convinced their business model is flawed, unsustainable, and a huge problem for smaller indie structures such as ourselves.

It's nice to see that some people are trying to tackle this issue, and put a lot of work into it (Bandcamp, Cashmusic, Resonate etc.) The best place to buy music from our artists remains Bandcamp but we invite you to check Resonate and see for yourself how you like it.

They're really brand new, so bear in mind that their service is constantly improving and the code is still fresh, but they deserve a chance. You should also take the time to check their "stream to own" concept, which we feel is a nice variation on the modern concept of streaming. Whatever the result may be for this initiative, it's fundamental that give support to people trying to create the infrastructures that might prove to be fundamental for the surival of indie labels ecosystem, should the bigger industry players collapse, but we also need to invent right now the places where we want to see our music thrive in the futur, close at hand or distant. Meanwhile you can find our page by clicking HERE.