Oka Amazonie, une forêt habitée

L’Amazonie s’empare du Muséum de Toulouse pour un voyage unique au cœur de la culture amazonienne ! Découvrez cette expo événement jusqu'au 31 octobre 2019 : https://www.oka-amazonie.fr/

Posted by Mairie de Toulouse on Thursday, May 2, 2019

Amid cultural, economic, and political mutations, this exhibition offers a human and respectful look on the modern culture of these Amazonian populations and their environment. We felt especially touched by the way the curators put forward not their own point of view on the questions at hand, but that of the persons involved, giving them the time to speak, to share, to enlighten us about what matters for them beyond the veil of all the clichés we’re used to watch them through.

Helping them out through a musical creation that was both respectful of this approach, and the starting point of a conversation between our cultures was an incredibly humbling and challenging task. We can only advise you, should you happen to go to Toulouse, to go there and check it out and learn.

You can learn more about the project we’ve worked on with them and listen to some excerpts of our musical research on the documentary by check the related page in our WORKS section “What is it like to be an Amerindian today?”.